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html5 tags custom landingpage URLs

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Today when i get thirdparty javascript-tags i generally use "Generic HTML Banner" and it's working pretty well but i would like to have a "Destination URL (incl. http://)" as we have in HTML5 banner(Zip package). And with that i would like to have the possibility to override / complement the location where the banner click is routed.

Example: http://thirdparty.click.url?followedby=revive-server.click.url&followedby=customclick.url&followedby=landingpage.url

Final landing page url can be controlled by either thirdparty ad-provider or by customclick.url depending on if landingpageurl is defined or not in external ad source.

In short: I would like to be able to break into the clickchain-url before it goes to landingpage


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