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Big discrepancy between Revive Adserver and publisher (only on Desktop channel)


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I started using Revive Adserver 6 months ago. In this time, I worked with a lot of publishers..

Now I'm working with one publisher (I'm buying traffic both on desktop and mobile) and starting last month we have a big discrepancy between our impressions from Revive and their impressions. But this is happening only on Desktop channel of that publisher. The discrepancy for November was approx 40%, now for 1-12 December we have the same difference - 40%.

On mobile channel we have only 3-5% differences,which is okay..

They talked with DFP and said that everything is okay from them.. 

Also, DFP talked about a "difference in counting methodologies"..Can you tell me how Revive ad server is counting impressions?

PS: they don't count bot impressions.

It's huge this discrepancy, right? What should I do? Can you help me, please?

Thank you.

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