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Thanks to our sponsor: Platform IQ

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In our last blog post, discussing the results of the Revive Adserver 2016 Community Survey, we highlighted the fact that, on the whole, the community would like to see more features added to Revive Adserver, but that there were mixed views on how this should happen – a mixture of improving documentation to allow more developers to contribute, as well as seeking corporate sponsorship or crowdfunding to allow the core developers to spend more time working on the project.

Platform IQFollowing on from that theme, the core Revive Adserver team would like to publicly thank Platform IQ, who have now sponsored the development work for two core features: they paid for both the development work in the Revive Adserver 4.0 release to replace the phpSniff library for browser & operating system detection with the more modern Sinergi library, and for the development of the asynchronous tags feature that was introduced in Revive Adserver v3.2 in the spring of 2015.

Without Platform IQ’s sponsorship, it is likely that these features would not have been released. If you are in need of professional services for Revive Adserver, then please do consider Platform IQ, given their very generous sponsorship of the Revive Adserver development effort. You may even notice some advertising appearing from Platform IQ, across our site and forum in the near future, as we experiment with ways to generate revenue to enable us to develop new functionality in Revive Adserver.

Aqua PlatformIn addition, we also want to thank Aqua Platform, who are sponsoring the hosting of our website, forum site, and other sources, and the SSL certificates we use. Aqua Platform specializes in Revive Adserver hosting, and have been a great help when we were doing performance testing for the improved browser and operating system targeting functionality in Revive Adserver v4.0.

Revive Software and ServicesWe would also like to take this opportunity to let larger, corporate users of Revive Adserver know that if they have a need for new functionality to be added to Revive Adserver, then we would please ask that they get in touch with the core team. We would love to discuss your needs, particularly if it’s a commonly requested feature. It may be that even a modest contribution towards the development of the feature will help make it happen faster, especially if there are a number of corporate users looking for the same functionality.

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