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Invocation tag : one or many ?


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I must choose between several ad solutions for a pro website, revive is in my top 2.
I never use such tools.
My main issue is that i cannot access the website server files easily, i must open a ticket and wait for two weeks for each little change.
With this tool, must i change invocation tag for each different advertisers and request an access server to paste the new invocation tag or a generic invocation tag exists ?? 

I hope its little bit clear :)

Thanks for your response



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The purpose of any ad server, including Revive Adserver, is to place a generic set of invocation codes (one per zone) on a webpage or website.

You can then use the user interface of the ad server to manage which campaigns and banners appear on those zones.

See http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Key+Concepts

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Many thanks for your help Erik, may be my question was little stupid, i admit it

In order to sum up, i want to be really sure, i must give a GO/NOGO to my boss for Revive Adserver in two days and i'm a litlle stressed :)

So, i want to publish some banner on my site, theses banners shows ads for differents company. 

My problem is that have no easy access to the code so i can't modifiy the invocation code frequently. 

The process for one zone

1) I'll create one zone
2) In this zone,i publish associated invocation code once and it's done. i can use this tool and manage my differents campaigns, i have no need to republish the invocation code again when i change my ads.

Could you confirm?

1000x thanks for hour help,


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