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Approved Stamp?

Jimmy T.

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Oh, I see (also noticed that my post got a ninja edit, no chance of getting away, ha ha).

I haven't seen much spam in the forums though and besides, wouldn't it just be easier to delete their posts/accounts or does this mean that they get to keep them in exchange for a missing approved stamp?

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17 hours ago, Erik Geurts said:

I'm glad you're not seeing much spam (and since recently, no spam at all I hope), that means we've done a good job. Believe me, that problem is bigger than you can imagine. We don't want to give away too much about how and what we're doing to achieve a clean space.

Well a little spam here and there to get the forum activity up wouldn't be wrong.

At least there might be a chance that I'll get a reply on my thread that's been dead since Monday.


On a more serious note I don't see any use for an "Approved" stamp on all the users, I'm fairly sure that it'd be easier to just remove the users and optionally their posts as well.

Now regarding the spam - from my personal experience with forums I've noticed that a custom security question made just for this forum helps reduce a lot of spam as this would require the spammer to manually fill it in (e.g "What is the color of the text in the Revive Adserver logo?").  For additional security a captcha can be required each time a post is made until the user reaches 5 posts.

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