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Is It Possible To Add Third Party Vast In Revive Ad Server?


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Please help ❤️

I want add pre roll in Revive using "Third party impression tracking", chousing Video delivery method "http", add pre roll link in "Video URL" field, video type is mp4, video duration 6 seconds, i put Destination URL (in this case it is doubleclick link), and then i put impression link in "Third party impression tracking" - pre roll works on a site, but when I click on a pre roll Destination URL does not work, it is open but does not loading, destination url stops on Revive link and does not loading actual link.

Please help, what am i doing wrong? ? 

P.S. - when i put Destination URL in a browser it works, but it does not work when clicking pre roll from a site.

If someone knows the problem issue let me know please ❤️

Thank you in advance,

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