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Plugin For Serving Expandable Banners


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Is there a plugin that would allow two flash banner files (either gif or flash) to be input and served as an expandable banner?


For example, a 300x250 banner could be the base banner that can be served into standard 300x250 zones.  A second banner of 600x300 would be the expanded banner.


We would want to be able to specify whether the banner expands on mouseover or automatically on load.  A close button would be provided so the user can collapse it.


Ideally it should also be able to work with a banner tag (e.g. a DFA or Conversant tag, instead of a flash or gif file) as either or both the base and expanded units.



This kind of versatile plugin would be valuable to clients who are interested in using expandables but don't want to incur the cost of developing their own unit.


Please let me know if you are aware of such a plugin or would be able to develop one for us.



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