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Problems Rendering Ads On Ios (Ipad, Iphone Etc)

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We're using Revive Adserver 3.2.0 but this issue happened in OpenX 2.8.10, from which we've recently upgraded. In short, the issue is that *certain* zones are not rendering adverts in iOS devices (iPads, iPhones).


This can be seen here on these demo pages:


http://www.ichild.co.uk/dbcheckad18.php - zone ID 18 - works fine

http://www.ichild.co.uk/dbcheckad19.php - zone ID 19 - doesn't show anything


The invocation we're using for both is identical, apart from the zone ID. This works absolutely fine on all other browsers - including Chrome on Android - so this isn't a desktop/tablet specific thing, it is an iOS specific thing. 


There's nothing different between the zones - no delivery restrictions or anything obvious like that - I literally cannot figure out why this is happening.


I've used the iOS Simulator in OS X along with Safari's debug mode; no JS errors or anything like that. It's simply not creating the IFRAME containing the banner image within the DOM - although the beacon is being created, so clearly some JS is getting executed. This is what I can see in the DOM on the one that's failing (ID 19):

ad start
  * Revive Adserver Asynchronous JS Tag
  * - Generated with Revive Adserver v3.2.0
<ins><div id="beacon_ea2e7521f7" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; visibility: hidden;"><img src="http://www.ichildmediaserving.co.uk/openx-2.8.10/www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=0&amp;campaignid=0&amp;zoneid=19&amp;loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ichild.co.uk%2Fdbcheckad19new.php&amp;cb=ea2e7521f7" width="0" height="0" alt="" style="width: 0px; height: 0px;"></div></ins>
<script async="" src="//www.ichildmediaserving.co.uk/openx-2.8.10/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>
ad end
(I should point out that despite the directory being called 'openx-2.8.10' this is very definitely Revive 3.2.0).
If anybody has any suggestions, that'd be most welcome.
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