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Revive Doesn't Show Adsense Ads On My Mobile App


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I've been searching through the community forum for an answer. But, after reviewing many comments about Adsense I didn't find any answer refering to my issue. I've read the article Using Google AdSense with Revive Adserver   and If checked if my campaign settings were correct. It seems that everything is set up correctly. 


I'm managing ad campaigns on a mobile App and all campaigns I've set up through Revive are working properly except the Adsense campaigns. 


My Revive statistics show impressions of the Adsense campaigns, but don't track clicks. The issue is that there can't be any clicks as the ads aren't shown on the App. I can just see a blank space where it should appear the banners. 


Adsense is tracking impressions as well, but there haven't been any clicks. Obviously the cause is that the banners aren't shown. 



You can check the data from Adsense Analytics in this image below and see that there have been impressions but not clicks. 





Here you can see the Revive statistics 






Anyone who can help me with this issue? Any ideas or suggestions?


Many thanks




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