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New Zone Not Delivering Compared To Others


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I have 2 zones delivering banners fine but an other 3rd zone not delivering banners (nearly not delivering).


The 3rd zone is exclusive, so it should deliver the same banner all the time (zone 1 and 2 are delivering rotating banners).

But I have let's say one banner every 10 minutes, instead of one banner on every refresh of the page (banner is correctly linked to the zone, so it appears sometimes).

Weight of the banner is 10.

there is NO limitation neither on the banner or on the campaign.

probability of the banner is : 100.00%


I tried several :

- different invocation code -> no more success

- contract and contract exclusive -> no more chance


Any idea ?






note : I regret the time of phpadnews. it was working much better without headaches. not as powerful in terms of possibilities but at least working

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