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Automating Revive Adserver Deploys

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I've been using chef to automate the revive deploys, but I was wondering if there was anyway to automate the GUI portion of the install?

IE: Configure all the configuration files with database information, admin user information at the GUI Installation Wizard


( I already have a RDS database with tables correctly configured from a manual GUI wizard installation, I'll be using this for any future revive nodes)



Also was wondering if there were any scalability recommendations within RDS/AWS , there are no master-master replication support within aws atm :(

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About the scaling for Revive Adserver, I advise staying away from cloud environment. For ad serving you need full disk performance and it lacks on cloud serves, unless you go with SSD storage, but performance won't be the same as on a dedicated server. If you want best possible performance I advise scaling with dedicated servers.

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I'd totally disagree Snoork Hosting. I have a very positive experience with EC2, maintaining replicated database, distributed delivery, autoscaling, alarms, what ever you can imagine. 


arajakul, from my experience - you should run your own databases on instances, not on RDS. RDS is a bit more expensive, and less flexible. Look up on the internet how to set up distributed Revive deployment, and distribute your system across classic EC2 instances.

To make it truly automatic, you should prepare an AMI that will contain the full installation if a delivery node, and a startup script that will configure the node finally. If you are already experienced with chef, this will be easy for you.

When ever you need to upgrade Revive version, you will have to perform an upgrade and prepare a new AMI from the instance you made the upgrade on.

Another tip - try not using Red Hat, as it's AMIs do not support spot instances.

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