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  1. The data of the conversion tracking is save in the rv_data_intermediate_ad_connectio table. I see that in this table there are a lot of column like tracker_browser. the conversion tracking pixsl is like this: http://www.mysite.com/www/delivery/ti.php?trackerid=1 Is there a way to insert to the database more info with the ti.php something like: http://www.mysite.com/www/delivery/ti.php?trackerid=1&tracker_browser=ff
  2. I repair the table and it now working fine. Thanks.
  3. Hi. I get this error when I log in to the admin. Please advise. Duplicate entry 'dd624161f22f73802f0380fc934dfb82' for key 'PRIMARY' Query: INSERT INTO rv_session (sessionid , sessiondata , lastused ) VALUES ('dd624161f22f73802f0380fc934dfb82' , 'a:1:{s:4:\"user\";O:18:\"OA_Permission_User\":2:{s:5:\"aUser\";a:13:{s:7:\"user_id\";s:1:\"1\";s:12:\"contact_name\";s:13:\"Administrator\";s:13:\"email_address\";s:18:\"aaaaa@gmail.com\";s:8:\"username\";s:3:\"nir\";s:8:\"language\";s:2:\"en\";s:18:\"default_account_id\";s:1:\"2\";s:8:\"comments\";s:0:\"\";s:6:\"active\";s:1:\"1\";s:11:\"sso_user_id\";s:0:\"\";s:12:\"date_created\";s:19:\"2014-10-13 10:47:15\";s:15:\"date_last_login\";s:19:\"2015-03-04 08:41:20\";s:13:\"email_updated\";s:19:\"2014-10-13 10:47:15\";s:8:\"is_admin\";b:1;}s:8:\"aAccount\";a:7:{s:10:\"account_id\";s:1:\"2\";s:12:\"account_type\";s:7:\"MANAGER\";s:12:\"account_name\";s:15:\"Default manager\";s:12:\"m2m_password\";s:0:\"\";s:10:\"m2m_ticket\";s:0:\"\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:1:\"1\";s:9:\"agency_id\";s:1:\"1\";}}}' , '2015-03-04 08:41:20' ) $_POST: Array ( [oa_cookiecheck] => dd624161f22f73802f0380fc934dfb82 [username] => [password] => [login] => Login ) $_GET: Array ( [account_id] => 2 )
  4. thanks for this great thread, I use limitation for all the banners that are 468x60 of all the Advertisers. I use it like document.write ("?zoneid=13&what=468x60"); it dispalys the corect banners, but it does not save the zone in the stats, so I can't know from which site the banner is. it's like I use just ("?what=468x60"); is there a way to solve this problem? I do hope
  5. I will try again. In the openx there is an option to see Statistics per Website. What is the code that need to be add in the invocation code?
  6. I need to dispaly banner, and that the stats will know the publisher that dispaly this banner. When creating the JS banner code, is there a paramter that I can insert so when the banner is dispaly, revive will save the publisher of this banner, for the stats?
  7. Thanks, I insert it like this and it work, document.write ("?campaignid=1&source=food"); What I need to insert in this line: document.write ("&your target variable={your target value for variable}"); and please, can I dispaly all the banner with the same channel, but witout the campaignid? I try to use it like this but it didnot work: document.write ("&source=food");
  8. I created site channels for the banners, and for each banner I selected between 1 to 3 channels. How do I deliver the ads by channels? What is the code I should add to the javascript that displays the banners in the site? Or is there another way? Thanks!
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