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  1. I found the guilty IP in the server logs Thank you for your help
  2. Why no revive logs? Example here. Then I could find out the Ip ... In one campaign at 00.00 - 00.59 - 4 impressions and 2 clicks
  3. Hey andrewatfornax, the IAB spider/bots list is not free ... I put together the list myself. In which log can I see, where the extra clicks coming from?
  4. Hello I have a problem and no solution. Recently I have too many clicks on my banner. I think they are spiders. Picture here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7buarq4shse0mx/screen.jpg?dl=0 - no matter which day I use the same. This also applies to all zones and campaigns. Does anyone have the problem or has an idea how to fix it? Best regards Marten
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