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  1. After last WHM update last week my stats just gone - both widget and statistics tab. Site working fine, but without stats showing up. I use php 7.0 and mariaDB 10.1.33 - anyone know about missed variables in mariaDB? Shots from my home and statistics tabs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zQYhCkcyP3E-s3-q2J53XIgsE1RAjlHs https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S1k0lnJ6d1XUR9nskGal0TYLz8WvSTCc
  2. Hello, i have problem with statistics too, and i want to ask you - is the cronjob really help you in this situation, and what version of MariaDB you are using?
  3. i check these posts already, but my problem is different - as i say my script working fine - banners showing up, have hourly statistics, but mail reports just gone.
  4. Hello, i already upgrade to 4.1.3 last month - script working fine, but delivery reports just stopped. i check all settings about this but still can't find the problem - i have campaigns with everyday and 7-days reports, and both deliveries not working. Any suggestions for me? Thank you in advance.
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