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  1. Found the problem and solved it :) The problem was that the database user revive was working with did just have read, update, insert & delete,. I gave it all privileges on its database and FILE privilege on global level. Thank you very much for your time & help . Cheers, Faton
  2. Hi @andrewatfornax, I investigated the log file and found this error: https://ibb.co/bzP8XF I checked 'local_infile' in my db configuration and its ON. I just gave the user 'all privileges' to its database and I'm waiting for the next maintenance to check if the error is gone. I also gave this user "Privilege" permissions on the global level as found on this thread (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1014724/mysql-permission-errors-with-load-data) Keep you informed! Thanks :)
  3. Hi @andrewatfornax, Sorry, just came from vocation! Just implemented "PEAR_LOG_DEBUG". The Contract campaign has already expired. But we got another campaign which I added as Contract & Remnant under the same advertiser (Vala 35 Contract & Vala 35 Remnant) Should we now wait for PEAR_LOG_DEBUG to collect data for a week or so? Thanks.
  4. Hi @andrewatfornax, How the value of capping (when is not set) should be saved in DB? If you see the following screenshot, the field type is INT, it doesn't accept null values and its Default value is "0" https://ibb.co/eG2qh5
  5. HI @andrewatfornax, Well, I have already seen it! Removed delivery capping, saved, but when I refreshed the page, the 0 gets back. Even now that you have remove id, if you click on campaigns, you will see that "0" is still there. I'm starting to have my doubts in MySQL version 5.7. It may no accept null values. I will check it now, and get back to you. Hi @andrewatfornax, How the value of capping (when is not set) should be saved in DB? If you see the following screenshot, the field type is INT, it doesn't accept null values and its Default value is "0" https://ibb.co/eG2qh5
  6. Hi @andrewatfornax, Login details sent in PM. Thanks :)
  7. Hi @andrewatfornax, There is no limitation placed in the Contract campaign (check https://ibb.co/iOvzPk). So, to summary it, the zone "Zone Ballina - Medium Rectangle 1" has 2 campaigns linked to it, one Remnant (which is showing) and the other Contract (which is not showing). Check "Remnant" here: https://ibb.co/bSUXc5 Remnant ad: https://ibb.co/e5byjk Check "Contract" here: https://ibb.co/kwznAQ Contract ad: https://ibb.co/bu6sAQ I'm just lost, no idea how to handle it and make it work :(
  8. Hi andrewatfornax, The zones are getting impressions with Remnant campaigns linked to it. As seen in the one of previous attachment images, I have linked a Contract and a Remnant campaign in the same zones, but only remnant campaign is showing impressions. The maintenance is running (Scheduled maintenance is running correctly). Do you suggest me to linked the Contract campaign to a zone that does not have other campaigns linked in order to test if any impression is served? PS. If it helps you, I can send you login details (in PM) of the adserver account to investigate the issue further.
  9. Hi @andrewatfornax Question 1: No stats at all for today, "There are currently no statistics available for the period 13-07-2017 to 13-07-2017". Until yesterday, there were no other banners linked to these zones, yesterday we linked the same image banner to a new remnant campaign just to show the banner for our client. However, as the new created campaign is remnant, it should not have a priority over contract campaigns (which needs to spend a certain number of impressions per day) Question 2: Yeap, it may be, but as long as we tested yesterday, if there is no any other banner linked it, it should even show ~223 impressions per hour. I increased impressions limit to contract campaign to 9,500.000. Check below images: https://ibb.co/geGjEa https://ibb.co/mwOWua https://ibb.co/bSxrua https://ibb.co/j01ZEa :(
  10. Hi @andrewatfornax, Thanks for finding time to reply. The value is the same since 17 hours (which is when I recreated the campaign) and the scheduled maintenance has also run 17 times. The same result :(
  11. Hi, I've been using openx/Revive server for a while, and now I have started to have issues with contract campaigns. I have crated a contract campaign (just like in the past) and limit its impressions to 450000 in total. I have linked 2 banners to this campaign and those banners to 2 different zones (see below attached link images). When I go to zones, the zones's icon linked to these banners are red and the probability in both of them shows 0.00%. There is no frequency capping, there are enough impressions to spend, expire date is not passed and there is no other banner/campaign linked to these zones. I'm using Revive Adserver v4.0.1 running on nginx and "Scheduled maintenance is running correctly." Just changed it from automatic to schedules and the schedule log is attached. Screenshots https://ibb.co/c7jcXv https://ibb.co/fiRPCv https://ibb.co/cit4Cv https://ibb.co/h1YRQF Any idea on what the issue may be? Thank you in advance, Faton
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