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  1. All problems fixed! The plugins recommendation resolved the remaining issues. Regards, Enterfrize
  2. @andrewatfornax I inadvertently got around the problem which gave birth to a whack of new problems. 1. I reverted to the original username and password. 2. I performed an updated based on this configuration (I worked via a separate install and database as to not overwrite what I already had). The upgrade worked. After that, I was able to change the username and password for the database. I may have cleared most of the cache directory as well thinking that there could be a remnant there looking for the original directory location - I don't remember for sure. Now the new problem is even though banners are being served and I can get into the admin page, all the plugins aren't working as though they haven't been found / installed (though they are listed as active). I'm debating doing a fresh install, copying the image files over, and pointing to the original updated database. Any ideas? Regards, Enterfrize
  3. I'm having a strange problem with Revive server. All I want to do is change the MYSQL username and password, and as soon as I do (in the Revive config file for the site), everything breaks. In the banner location, it says it can't find the configuration file. In the back-end, I get a page full of parsing errors instead of the admin page. The strange thing is if the MYSQL username and password is reverted - even if it doesn't exist as an authorized username in mysql - Revive half works with banners showing up - but I can't get into the back-end. The only way I can get back to normal is reverting the full username and password to the original. Is part of the password reset in the database tables or is it 100% in the config file? I'm currently running 4.0 on Windows Server 2012 (IIS 8). PHP 5.6, MYSQL 5.7,18 If I do a fresh install of 4.02 it works as a fresh install, but I'm incapable of upgrading from my existing material. it won't communicate with the database, etc. Here is a sample of the error (minus back-end directories) when I'm changing the password. MESSAGE: Redefining already defined constructor for class XML_Parser TYPE: Strict FILE: D:\site\...\lib\pear\XML\Parser.php LINE: 204 DEBUG INFO: 199 * @param string $mode how this parser object should work, "event" for 200 * startelement/endelement-type events, "func" 201 * to have it call functions named after elements 202 * @param string $tgenc a valid target encoding 203 */ 204 function __construct($srcenc = null, $mode = 'event', $tgtenc = null) 205 { 206 parent::__construct('XML_Parser_Error'); 207 208 $this->mode = $mode; 209 $this->srcenc = $srcenc; There are tonnes of errors on the page; this is just the first one. Regards, Enterfrize
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