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  1. Hi guys, today we got script that show ads sometimes and sometimes not, is selective i guess. And is not from revive. So i inserted this script ad in general html banner, but it counts the impressions even when there is no ad (no image from the advertiser). So the question is, is there any way to not deliver the zone when no image is present from the advertiser, or not to log impressions when no ad is displayed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Sorry i didn't answer sooner, i had so much work and i forgot that i asked the question here. The problem was inside my style.css file, the class .img from my theme had some borders, so i removed them and now everything is perfect. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. Hi guys, I just started using revive adserver for my webpage, and i have borders and white space on the ad image when i run it on my site. I created zone Interstitial or Floating DHTML and selected Style Simple. Here is how it looks like. How can i remove this borders? I want to see just the image any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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