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  1. Hello, So, I have only just installed Revive. What I am looking to do is this: to create my own ad network using CPA ads from another ad network. I have permission from the CPA network to do this. The issue I have is that they have their ads available as a feed (XML, JSON etc) and I would like to be able to check this feed, and add the ads to my list of Revive campaigns. This can work in theory if the ads that I am adding, can have my own publisher's ID appended to the URLs when the banners are clicked, so that the clicks are attributed to the correct publisher. Conversion tracking will be handled by the CPA network, so hopefully I can then hook into their feed and update my own publishers account balance in Revive. I hope this makes sense so far :) I also hope that it is possible to do these things from within Revive. If not, is there a plugin available, and if not, how would I go about writing some custom code to try and accomplish my goals? Thanks!
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