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  1. Thank you Thierry ... I've had a malware issue that is so sporadic it was hard to prove it was in fact revive. I just checked the www/image folder and sure enough there was the culprit. Have you found any other malicious files since? Thanks again!
  2. Hello there: I use JavaScript invocation and would like to know how do I add the tag rel="noopener noreferrer" on the links of generated banners. Is this still the solution? Which files? Thanks,
  3. Hello: I'm on the latest edition of Revive, but recently discovered to be infected with the Tag Barnacle per: https://blog.confiant.com/tag-barnakle-the-malvertiser-that-hacks-revive-ad-servers-redirects-victims-to-malware-50cdc57435b1 Any idea where/how to clean out the relevant malicious files? Thanks,
  4. Was wondering if the new release version plans to support AMP in Revive Adserver?
  5. Was this ever implemented? I would like to get Revive Adserver to play friendly with our recently implemented AMP on our site.
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