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  1. Dear Elizarao, I have visited the link provided but got following message instead of any content. "MidRoll Video Ad - Click to Play with Skip Ad option. This Mid roll ad will starts 4 seconds later after original video starts playing" Kindly check and get back to me. Thanks, Siran
  2. Dear Elizarao, Thanks for your reply. I will check the URL provided. Thanks, Siran
  3. Dear Team, I am new to Revive Adserver. I have few queries. 1. I have video advertisements with me and some short films(maximum length of 30 mins). I want to add those video ads as mid-roll ads in the short films. Can I use Revive Ad server for achieving my goal ? 2. If there is a way kindly send me some reference links on How to put mid-roll ads? etc etc. Kindly reply and do the needful ASAP. Thanks a lot, Siran
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