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    Email Smtp

    It would be much more preferred if we can configure the server to use an external SMTP Server. Not all the servers allow the use of the local SMTP (aka AWS!)
  2. We have two issues: How can we define a zone as a pop under and link to it a page url. (vs banner url) When the user will exit the page, the page (url) will be seen. On the same principle, how can we define a zone, name it PPV/CPV. When we use the zone code, Revive will direct the user to the page (url) that we attached to that zone
  3. We see this issu with image code and not with JS code. (when the "n" param include in the ck.php URL)
  4. Hi, How can Revive be configured to deal with Private Browsing mode? I assume Revive is using a session cookie (ck.php), but it will not be supported under private browing mode. The same issue with banners in an application (software). When the user will click on the Ad, a new browser will be open and the user will see nothing but the ck.php file since there is no session cookie. How can this be fixed?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there is an option to manage CPV/PPV campaings with Revive server. The idea will be to define a zone/page that will direct the vistor to URLs that will be set as a direct link.
  6. Hi Erik, Thank you for the information. I have a few questions about the diagram: 1. With multiple nodes where would you recomend to store the images/banners? Is there an option to set Revive to work with CDN drive rather with the local drive, eg. amazon S3? 2. How do you sync the nodes with the most up to date version? manually? Thanks, Shay
  7. Hi, Can the Revive AdServer be installed on multiple servers that work under the same load balancer? Cheers, Shay
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