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  1. Hi, 1. I Create new advertiser 2. Click on user access Tab 3. Add new user 4. log out 5. Log in with new user User is unable to create new campaigns or banners Kindly advice Regards
  2. Page not found any documentation or download link ?
  3. Thanks, it is working I have another question,i want to collect some data from user like ip, geo region ,browser, social data if any ,interst,... etc.... how can this be possible
  4. Hi, Banner is not showing Can you advice please var OX_9feae254 = ''; document.write(OX_9feae254); Thanks Wael
  5. Hi Eliza, i did that , where to see the requests? Regards Wael
  6. Hi, How can i track mouse over on the banner? Regards Wael
  7. Hi, I want to log the request when ad display is called from zone and where can i see the requested log thanks Wael
  8. Hi, did you manage to solve this problem i have the same issue Banner displayed, when refresh might not displayed happen random
  9. Hello, I want to add parameter to flashvar flashvars was output like this from Revive adserver flashvars="clickTARGET=_blank&clickTAG=http.... i want to make add a custom parameter on the fly like this flashvars="connectionname=xxxxx&clickTARGET=_blank&clickTAG=http.... How can i do this Regards Wael
  10. benwinton Thank you this solution is solved my issue
  11. Hi, How to configure SMTP email in Ad-Server configuration? how it works? Regards Wael
  12. Hi I have the same issue i updated to 3.03 and no new stas at all after update can
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