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  1. I am looking to add some basic plugins like Self Serve & Billing Credit management. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. How do i change the content , add remove content which i want to show to my members while they login. Something like instructions, which says.. "prices rate info, and other helpfull links" ?
  3. I did added the config file from old installation to new server var location and changed the database info too Aa mentioned. But not sure why I see thia insatll info and not upgrade, main seever is on sub domain does that effects things?
  4. Deleted everything and started doing it all again... i tried running upgrade but it runs only installer.. not able to sure what is wrong, can u suggest something there? and this error keeps coming Your database contains an old OpenX configuration table: rv_preferences. If you are trying to upgrade this database, please copy your existing configuration file into the var folder of this install. If you wish to proceed with a fresh installation, please either choose a new Table Prefix or a new Database. Not sure what can be wrong, and why upgrade is not running and only installer is running?
  5. i have been trying this for 2 days now, Look like i have messed it up. because when i restored my old version i m not able to see stats now. So, i think i have to download and restart things all together again then. An error occurred while accessing the databaseDue to a problem with the database Revive Adserver couldn't retrieve or store data. If this problem is reproducable it might be caused by a bug in Revive Adserver. Please report the following information to the creators of Revive Adserver. Also try to describe the actions that led to this error as clearly as possible. Version: Revive Adserver v4.0.0 PHP/DB: PHP 5.6.26 / MySQL 5.5.52-cll Page: /new/www/admin/install.php Error: Duplicate entry 'anshul' for key 'rv_users_username' Query: INSERT INTO rv_users (contact_name , email_address , username , password , language , default_account_id , date_created , email_updated ) VALUES ('Administrator' , 'akidelhi@gmail.com' , 'anshul' , '5916674c3da0acb7dd77ff84d46bd4bd' , 'en' , 43 , '2016-10-08 13:34:33' , '2016-10-08 13:34:33' ) $_POST: Array ( [_qf__install-config-form] => [action] => configuration [moreFieldsShown] => 1 [previousPath] => /home/kaleidomedia/public_html/traffic [adminName] => anshul [adminPassword] => *********** [adminPassword2] => ************ [adminEmail] => akidelhi@gmail.com [adminLanguage] => en [prefsTimezone] => CST6CDT [webpathAdmin] => traffic.kaleidomedia.com/www/admin [webpathDelivery] => traffic.kaleidomedia.com/www/delivery [webpathImages] => traffic.kaleidomedia.com/www/images [webpathDeliverySSL] => traffic.kaleidomedia.com/www/delivery [webpathImagesSSL] => traffic.kaleidomedia.com/www/images [storeWebDir] => /home/kaleidomedia/public_html/traffic/www/images [save] => Continue » ) $_GET: Empty now issue is when i do restore back up.. i see this in my product update You are currently using Revive Adserver v3.2.2 (warning: database is stamped as v4.0.0) running on Apache 2.4.23, PHP 5.6.26 and MySQL 5.5.52-cll. Your version of Revive Adserver is up-to-date. There are currently no updates available.
  6. no this is actually an upgrade , adserver url = {moderator: URL removed for your own safety} and files i have loaded up in {moderator: URL removed for your own safety}
  7. Your database contains an old OpenX configuration table: rv_preferences. If you are trying to upgrade this database, please copy your existing configuration file into the var folder of this install. If you wish to proceed with a fresh installation, please either choose a new Table Prefix or a new Database. here is the link to screen shot =
  8. for resellers, this is probably major feature since if you are a network and dealing with multiple networks on both publisher and advertiser end, you will spoil your party due to this. So, blank refer is a must in some case. because its pretty obvious that if advertiser come to know you are reselling him or broker for another source, and they can track that direct sources via referals, then.. makes no sense using the system in long term version of traffic dealing.
  9. in the variable tracking source=, i would like to know what all kind of values this variable can capture. i have used it for only numeric values, but is it able to capture domain url, string, char, special char values aswell?
  10. Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::setFetchMode() in /home/adserving123/public_html/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/Query.php on line 299 how do i fix this, i m not able to make out, my adserver is on home page of this domain. please suggest
  11. Is there a way we can pull out delivery logs, and find details about the traffic which have come through.. need basic info like user agents and IP address for the ads which were served.
  12. yes was keen to know about it since most of the 3rd party systems, pass their hosted domain name as referral. Which is important to protect their privacy about traffic sources.
  13. no basically it's like we are resellers for a website, and we can't let advertiser know which sites are ads being showing up, else they will bypass us and start working with those sites directly. we can't say it's miss leading because ads are sold to advertisers with terms where we reserve rights not to disclose our traffic sources.
  14. while serving ads, advertiser is able to see the traffic source domain in his google analytics, so i would like to know if there is possibility to blank those referrals which are showing up. need to blank them in such a way that it should show up as direct traffic coming to the website.
  15. wow, i see the status update now, they are approved. But have another issue coming up here. I tried passing the value of sale into the variable there but seems like was not going through out of the below options - i have choosed custom JS code to pass basket value on conversion page. please correct me, if i am wrong.? or suggest correct mode which we should use out of these mentioned below. Track JavaScript variables: this setting means that the variables are set in the confirmation page as JS variables ( var = ‘Test value’; ) Track JavaScript variables (backwards compatible, escaping needed): this setting means that the JS values must be URL encoded ( var = ‘Test%20value’; ). It is provided for backwards compatibility only. Track HTML elements using DOM: this setting will parse the confirmation for an HTML element with the specified name. It will take the value from that element automatically. Custom JS code: this setting allows you to use your own custom JS code to pass the variable’s value into the conversion. Also, is it possible to capture impression ID / Click ID, along with the conversion Sales / basket value?
  16. Are you hosting this adserver on https://
  17. we have set up conversion tracking for sales, and looking to pass sale / basket value. but sale status is pending buy default as we need to call user and verify sale. but how do i change the status of sale when i see reports. It keeps showing me pending and i m not able to find a way to approve those sales. Please suggest.
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