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  1. Thanks! I have download the code and run the code.
  2. Hi, everyone ! I have installed Revive Adserver-3.2.3 in my IDE used Eclipse and the server is wampserver in windows. As I did not learned the php before, so recently I have learned the grammar about the php and the template about smarty. What's more, I found this project has also used PEAR to expand the php function. I can understand most of the meaning about the code,but I still have some confused about this entire program, especially the entire structure. I saw there was lib folder and it contains java-xmlrpc ,junit,Zend,xmlrpc and some other folders,but I could not understand these folders's function. I want to modify this project in my demand, but I don't know how to modify especially the UI style. I konw the basic using about smarty,such as templates files are stored in lib/templates/admin, the cache files are generated in var/cache and the grammar about assign() , display(),but I don't understand how to work about the hook, listener,register function? For example: the template advertiser-index.htm the content is below: {view_before_content} {include file=advertiser-index-list.html from=$aAdvertisers aCount=$aCount} {view_after_content} I found ViewHook.php has defined the 'view_before_content' and 'view_after_content' like below: protected function register(OA_Admin_Template $oTpl) { $oTpl->register_function('view_before_content', array($this, 'beforeContent')); $oTpl->register_function('view_after_content', array($this, 'afterContent')); } public function beforeContent($aParams, &$oTpl) { return OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::beforePageContent($this->pageId, $this->pageData, $oTpl); } public function afterContent($aParams, &$oTpl) { return OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::afterPageContent($this->pageId, $this->pageData, $oTpl); } but the function OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::beforePageContent in Hooks.php is public static function beforePageContent($pageId, $pageData, &$oTpl) { self::init(); $result = ''; $oContext = new OX_Admin_UI_Event_EventContext(array( 'pageId' => $pageId, 'pageData' => $pageData, 'oTpl' => $oTpl )); $aStrings = self::getDispatcher()->triggerEvent('beforePageContent', $oContext); if (!empty($aStrings)) { $result = join('\n', $aStrings); } return $result; } The self::getDispatcher()->triggerEvent() function is in EventDispatcher.php and the function is below: public function triggerEvent($eventName, OX_Admin_UI_Event_EventContext $context) { $aCallbacks = $this->getRegisteredListeners($eventName); //enhance context with event name $context->eventName = $eventName; $result = array(); //invoke event on listener and collect results foreach ($aCallbacks as $callback) { $result[] = call_user_func($callback, $context); } return $result; } According to my understanding, the call_user_func() finally execute the function is 'beforePageContent' but the function 'beforePageContent' seems has nothing connected with the html and css files, so I do not know where to call these UI file(htm,css,js) ? Thanks to anyone can help me about this question!
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