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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm using the follow code to display a banner in PHP: if (@include_once('/www/delivery/alocal.php')) { if (!isset($phpAds_context)) { $phpAds_context = array(); } } $phpAds_raw = view_local('', 1, 0, 0, '', '', '0', $phpAds_context, ''); echo $phpAds_raw['html']; How can I pass custom variables (site variables) to be used as filters for banner display? This seems to be a very basic question, but I could not find the answer even searched enough. Thank u so much. Regards,
  2. Hi there. Our service company did upgrade from an old Ubuntu Server to a new one. We now run PHP 5.6. That should work fine with the latest version of Revive. Nevertheless I am getting these two error messages, when I try to login: xml => The xml extension must be loaded badPhpConfiguration => Your current PHP configuration does not meet requirements of Revive Adserver. To resolve the problems, please modify settings in your 'php.ini' file. Did this happen to anybody before? And do you know how to solve it? I am happy to provide more information on my settings, if necessary.
  3. Hi, everyone ! I have installed Revive Adserver-3.2.3 in my IDE used Eclipse and the server is wampserver in windows. As I did not learned the php before, so recently I have learned the grammar about the php and the template about smarty. What's more, I found this project has also used PEAR to expand the php function. I can understand most of the meaning about the code,but I still have some confused about this entire program, especially the entire structure. I saw there was lib folder and it contains java-xmlrpc ,junit,Zend,xmlrpc and some other folders,but I could not understand these folders's function. I want to modify this project in my demand, but I don't know how to modify especially the UI style. I konw the basic using about smarty,such as templates files are stored in lib/templates/admin, the cache files are generated in var/cache and the grammar about assign() , display(),but I don't understand how to work about the hook, listener,register function? For example: the template advertiser-index.htm the content is below: {view_before_content} {include file=advertiser-index-list.html from=$aAdvertisers aCount=$aCount} {view_after_content} I found ViewHook.php has defined the 'view_before_content' and 'view_after_content' like below: protected function register(OA_Admin_Template $oTpl) { $oTpl->register_function('view_before_content', array($this, 'beforeContent')); $oTpl->register_function('view_after_content', array($this, 'afterContent')); } public function beforeContent($aParams, &$oTpl) { return OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::beforePageContent($this->pageId, $this->pageData, $oTpl); } public function afterContent($aParams, &$oTpl) { return OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::afterPageContent($this->pageId, $this->pageData, $oTpl); } but the function OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::beforePageContent in Hooks.php is public static function beforePageContent($pageId, $pageData, &$oTpl) { self::init(); $result = ''; $oContext = new OX_Admin_UI_Event_EventContext(array( 'pageId' => $pageId, 'pageData' => $pageData, 'oTpl' => $oTpl )); $aStrings = self::getDispatcher()->triggerEvent('beforePageContent', $oContext); if (!empty($aStrings)) { $result = join('\n', $aStrings); } return $result; } The self::getDispatcher()->triggerEvent() function is in EventDispatcher.php and the function is below: public function triggerEvent($eventName, OX_Admin_UI_Event_EventContext $context) { $aCallbacks = $this->getRegisteredListeners($eventName); //enhance context with event name $context->eventName = $eventName; $result = array(); //invoke event on listener and collect results foreach ($aCallbacks as $callback) { $result[] = call_user_func($callback, $context); } return $result; } According to my understanding, the call_user_func() finally execute the function is 'beforePageContent' but the function 'beforePageContent' seems has nothing connected with the html and css files, so I do not know where to call these UI file(htm,css,js) ? Thanks to anyone can help me about this question!
  4. I have been using Revive Adserver with very good results. I recently updated my servers to Centos 7 (based on Redhat 7). The distro is released with PHP revision 5.4.16! This revision of PHP is not supported by Revive Adserver. We operate a very conservative IT strategy, based on standardized releases. It is unlikely that we can/will upgrade the PHP for the Centos 7 release. This means that we cannot use Revive Adserver anymore! Please note that Centos 7 is a hugely popular distribution, that is soon to be installed as the defaults for many many new servers. I am not sure what the actual issue is, but I know that providing compatibility with the PHP 5.4.16 is important to many future users of Revive Adserver. I would be happy to spend some time in trying to resolve this incompatibility if I could be provided with a starting point - what is the problem with this release of PHP? Please help me fix, or please fix this incompatibility with the Centos 7 chosen release of PHP. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi, There is a issue in ad server script that I am looking for a solution. The issue is that, When a invocation code does not fills the ad in response(blank response), In this case the impression is increasing. This thing is also happening in both internal ad server(zone) and third party ad server. There is a pass back tag that will call in case of ad does not fill from the ad server. So the requirement is that when pass back tag will be call then we have to call another third party ad server to getting the another ad with correspondence zone, publisher id if they linked with third party ad server in revive. I looked up all the forums discussion and other source to find the solution of this but did not find that. Please let us know if is there any easy way to do that Thanks Pawandeep
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