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  1. Currently video overlay ads seem very restricted when using HTML, maybe they are embedded in a SWF container. "The following HTML tags are supported: <br>, <b>, <font color="#hexadecimalColorOnly" face="" size="">, <i>, <li>, <u>. If you need to display an image in your Overlay Ad, we recommend using the Image Overlay or SWF Overlay instead. All links <a href=""> will be ignored: the flash player will automatically add a click layer on top of the overlay, that will initiate a video or open a page in a new window." New VPAID 2 enables Javascript functionality, it would be great if I could create full HTML and Javascript ads and paste them into Revive. The Google IMA SDK for HTML5 has support for VPAID 2 JavaScript creatives, so this could be tested. Regards Michael
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