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  1. Did anyone solve this problem? I tried multiple paths from 3.0.2. and made it up to 3.1.0. Any upgrade to versions 3.2.x ended with the above mentioned error message. I also unsuccesssfully tried 3.1.0 -> 3.2.x. There must be a trick, right?
  2. OK, solved. Now I've realized, that I have to create a zone and send the javascrupt-code to my partner, including the aproptiate click-tag-macro.
  3. I want to deliver with revive a campaign partly on our own sites, partly via an external AdServer. So I've to pass a banner-tag to my Partner wich uses for example Doubleclick. How can I create it? (Maybe this is a beginners question. We've used openx/revive for years only to deliver Ads to our own sites.)
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