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  1. Answer to: Dave Brain (02 April 2015 - 07:22 PM) As I've seen on other posts, the selection terms/categories could be passed as: document.write('&AdCategories='+AdCategoriesValues); as some of you use to advice how to pass the site variable. AdCategoriesValues could contain zero or several selection categories in plain text: "", "business", "sport business", with a syntax to be defined, Revive should select a banner if it matches one of the categories. The category could not exist on Revive since the text for the category could be introduced by a user. Perhaps on the site part a function culd be used to match terms introduced by the user against categories defined on Revive, but this is another story.
  2. Taking an ad can be classified as "business", "sport", "young", "fashion", the type of classification I need for ads is multivalued, something as country limitation, so I thing it is not possible to use site-variable limitation for that. Is it possible to add a new limitation similar to country limitation without coding?. That would help
  3. I'd need to use an ad classification to play in ad selection, say: golf, books, resorts, computers, cars, etc. So ads should have to be classified in advance (zero or multivalued). When the zone request an ad, it could pass (optionally) one or several classification values, so Revive AdServer could use them as a new limitation (i think limitation concept could apply here, although I have not much experience on Revive). Is there a way of doing this on Revive AdServer? Thanks, Carlos
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