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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, My revive version is 3.0.5, and I have some problems with regex. Actually, I already created a lot of targeting chanels with delivery limitations, but I don't manage to create this one which seems really simple. Actually, I simply want to match either my domain or my domain ending with a slash. You can have a look at both screenshot I added to see which regex I used. (these ones don't work neither (mydomain.com)(/)?$ OR (mydomain.com).?$ ) The banner is not displayed if I access neither http://www.mydomain.com nor http://www.mydomain.com/ but this works if I access http://mydomain.com?testfrombast NOTE: 'www' is optionnal, and my real regex links 2 domain (mydomain.com|mydomain2.com)(/)?$ Thanks in advance. Bast
  2. I'd need to use an ad classification to play in ad selection, say: golf, books, resorts, computers, cars, etc. So ads should have to be classified in advance (zero or multivalued). When the zone request an ad, it could pass (optionally) one or several classification values, so Revive AdServer could use them as a new limitation (i think limitation concept could apply here, although I have not much experience on Revive). Is there a way of doing this on Revive AdServer? Thanks, Carlos
  3. Does anyone know of a simple way to detect Mobile/Smartphone visitors in order to add a delivery limitation for them? Update: found a solution for this issue .
  4. Hello, I need help with limiting campaign by budget. How to stop campaign when certain limit has exceeded? Tried to google but found nothing? Thanks for help! Bernard
  5. I was told to file the question on this forum, although, I am pretty sure this is a bug. Anyway, here is the problem: When limiting a banner with: "Is not any of": Country: United States Region: Florida What happens: Connecting from New York: banner is delivered (expected to deliver) Connecting from Florida: banner is not delivered (expected not to deliver) Connecting from Israel: banner is not delivered (expected to deliver!) Using the latest version of GeoIP database. Double-checked that the IPs I do checks from are detected correctly by Revive. Please help me to understand the issue. Thanks.
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