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  1. let me explain you in detail i installed revive adserver i had done all the things on it it's working for websites but i want it on applications (iPhone/Android ) for that right now where we generate code which is one of the form XML/ JavaScript but i need that code in JSON formate ..i want only a JSON link like www.abcd.com/?json=get_ad&ad_id=Xyz&custom_fields=myfield&include=image_url,title and i get data from this link in JSON format in my own applications like image: { "image_url": "Images/xyz.png", "title": "xyz", } Output must be in JSON format through JSON link
  2. Hello Is possible to get a list of zones for a website via an API or otherwise in JSON format. What I am wanting to do is to build a Joomla module for our sites that allows us to easily add the Invocation Code to the site by selecting some options. IS there something build in to do this or will i have to write my own code? how we generate invocation code in JSON formate is there any plugin for that ??????????
  3. thanks but i need help because i am using Revive Ad server, now i just want invocation code in JSON formate could you do this for me
  4. How we Serve ads in mobile androids/ios apps/games through Revive Adserver ??? "Serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions" i want to manage ads for my androids applications and games how we do this through Revive Adserver ("open source ad serving system") Need to develop a private network to advertisement of the company app. Lets say, currently we have 20 apps. We wants to promote our newly launched app through all 20 apps by showing its ad on all 20 apps. We also need to show ad of other app on this newly launched app. At admin panel, Admin will manage that which ad will be shown on which app. And this panel have login authentication. how we do this through Revive Adserver
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