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  1. I am a php Developer and also used to active community where I am able to help others and also get helped from time to time. For t those who might be having the same issue like mine you can try this method and hope it helps I found out on my own that I can use the revive-adserver plugin_repo "OpenxDeveloperToolBox" to design my plugin. Thanks
  2. I have been trying to learn how openx and now revive ad-server plugin works so that i can develope a plugin for revive ad server. I have developed a new plugin for Openx or revive but i am having some issues with revive plugin. The plugin installs and creates new tables just fine. However, when an admin is logged in, and then the admin clicks on a link to this address revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin/mynewplugin-index.php The result is a white page. If i move the mynewplugin-index.php contents to the this address revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin-index.php, the page loads just fine. So, my main question is: Is it possible for anyone to help me with a simple code that can load the left vertical revive menu bar and the middle HTML framework page with the word HELLO WORLD code in the revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin/mynewplugin-index.php page or file. For example this is the revive/www/admin/agency-index.php <?php /* +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Revive Adserver | | http://www.revive-adserver.com | | | | Copyright: See the COPYRIGHT.txt file. | | License: GPLv2 or later, see the LICENSE.txt file. | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ */ // Require the initialisation file require_once '../../init.php'; // Required files require_once MAX_PATH . '/www/admin/lib-maintenance-priority.inc.php'; require_once MAX_PATH . '/lib/OA/Dal.php'; require_once MAX_PATH . '/www/admin/config.php'; require_once MAX_PATH . '/www/admin/lib-statistics.inc.php'; // Register input variables phpAds_registerGlobal('expand', 'collapse', 'hideinactive', 'listorder', 'orderdirection'); // Security check OA_Permission::enforceAccount(OA_ACCOUNT_ADMIN); /*-------------------------------------------------------*/ /* HTML framework */ /*-------------------------------------------------------*/ ?> When i place my revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin/mynewplugin-index.php code in the in the revive/www/admin/agency-index.php after the HTML framework section, the page load my plugin contents just fine but, when i move the mynewplugin-index.php code back to my Revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin/mynewplugin-index.php file, i get an error and white page with this message (Windows NT 6.0; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/33.0500/revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin/mynewplugin-index.php That is why i have decided to ask for your help here. Thanks. Tom.
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