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  1. i am interesting to continue this discussion, can i answer it my self ? because i have same problem as @SaulTJ The banner with ID 1332 is linked to 5 zones, yes? i have 3 banner , 2 banner (type campaign = contract) linked in 1 zone another is remnant linked in same zone . the probability show 95% for remnant and contract 5% witch each banner get 2.5% for contract. Are there other campaigns in those zones as well that do have probabilities > 0%? no Are these campaigns higher priority, and are taking up all of the available inventory? not sure i just have 2 campaign t
  2. Hi I was thinking for using multiple Database Configuration in Revive Server , this case is uses for optimizing when we have so many request for GET big Data example for request custom report that have more than 1000000 row or more, the problem here is our resources will be so heavy if we are processing that request in Main databases , so the Other databases is needed for split the request example for API revive server in GET method on layer Report will be direct to Other databases. is it Possible ? and if yes how to best practice to do it ?
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