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Revive Adserver V3.04 Download Files Repackaged

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Revive Adserver logoWe would like to inform our users that we have repackaged the download files for Revive Adserver v3.0.4, which we released yesterday. If you downloaded the official download for version 3.0.4 before 10 AM UTC on April 10, 2014, then please download again to obtain the newly packaged file.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the issue that prompted us to repackage the files:

From reports on the Community Forums, we learned about a problem experienced by users attempting to perform a new installation of Revive Adserver v3.0.4. It turns out there has been a glitch when packaging the release files, and a last minute fix in the ‘delivery cache plugin’ was not applied to the files that went into the release package of version 3.0.4.

The plugin manifest file wasn’t updated and upon installation, the Revive Adserver installation wizard complained about missing files in the package. Most likely, upgrades from OpenX Source (v2.8.11 and earlier) were also affected, due to the plugin version change. Upgrades from Revive Adserver v3.0.x were likely not affected, as the plugin’s migration would be skipped due to the version being the same.

The repackaged files of Revive Adserver v3.0.4 are functionally identical to the affected files offered for download yesterday.

We want to thank the community for reporting the issue and we want to thank everyone for their patience while we were fixing it.

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