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Installing Ads on my Website (Revive Adserver Hosted Edition)

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On 7/10/2023 at 10:57 PM, Brent N. Hunter said:

I see all sorts of documentation and I'm sure my eyes must be failing me, but how do I add advertisements to the web pages on my website (hosted edition)?

Can you add html code to your website? All that you need is to copy the invocation code and and paste it in your website source code. What cms platform are you using?

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I got as far as adding one advertiser, one campaign, three banners, a website and a zone. But I can't figure out how to get the code for each of the three banners to insert into my website pages. I could only get the Invocation Code for one zone.


What is a zone, anyway?  I want to have ads appearing in three places on my website: top middle, top left and top right. Are these three different zones? Or does "zone" mean something else?

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Hi brent, 

Yes, those are three different zones. (zone is the place where you want ads to appear, in your case 3 individual zones). So you need to create 3. 

If the creatives (the images) are all the same you can just link a single banner to three different zones. And then you copy the code for each and paste. 

Were you able to at least see the ad in your website?

I'm not sure they offer support, maybe try reading the docs it's pretty good. The hosted version is the same.





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