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URLs with hyphen redirected


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I'm on a fresh new installation (everything is up-to-date).

I can't access pages with hyphens in it, so I can only access dashboard.php and stats.php pages, every other pages that I'm trying to access redirects me to dashboard.php.

The website on this server is in CodeIgniter. I had installed Revive AdServer on a sub-folder. At this time, the URLs were cropped after the hyphen so they gave me a 404 page. I decided to install Revive AdServer on a subdomain, to separate it from the CodeIgniter installation and then minimize compatibility problems.

Now, with the subdomain, I don't see 404 page but when I try to access any pages with hyphen in URL, it redirects me.

Does anyone encounter this problem before? What can I do for it to work?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi everyone,

I've writen to my hosting provider, he answer me this:


Deactivating Mod Security don't change a thing. It's probably a function in the Revive AdServer causing conflict but I don't know where to look.

When we click on a link with hyphen, the page loads "account-index.php" and something does a 301 redirect to "account-".

The system don't know what to do, so he redirects to index.php, who redirects to admin/, who redirects to dashboard.php.


Does this info gives someone a clue or an idea of what's going on?

Thanks a lot for your time!

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