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Need password for my account

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Greetings, I've been trying since yesterday to receive the email from your system to set up my account password.   I have the welcome email, i'm following the instructions. I receive no email.  I have checked my filters. I have checked my junk mail folder.   I've read the FAQs.  I've searched here on the forum as best as I can. 

I have a username & password for my subscription,  I now also have a username and password for the support forum.  I have a username for the hosted ad server, but no darn password yet to get into the actual service.  Tho'  you have taken payment for this months service.    I've left a Tweet. I've left a message on the Facebook page.  I've tried several times to post a message here but kept getting an error message (Error code: EX1364)    There is no where else for me to look for help.
Please send me the password email that should be generated by:   https://console.revive-adserver.net/password-recovery.php
Please help.

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