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- Let's say I want to present 100 producs of advertiser xy on a website
- When a user clicks on a "buy" link or button, he should be redirected via the revive adserver (so that clicks can be seen and sales on advertiser's website can be tracked)
- In order to do so, currently one has to create 100 campaigns and (and 100 banners with 100 links, 100 zones, etc.)
- Then the invocation codes have to be placed on each product page (and will potentially be blocked by adblockers)

Suggested Solution (similar to "deeplink" options in most good affiliate networks):

- "Dynamic Campaign"
- Tracking link with certain variables (for ex. https://www.domain.xy/adserver/link-campaign-xy?href=https://advertiser-website/product-xy&source=produc-xy-link-22&other-values-for-adserver-redirect-or-statistics (that's also how affiliate networks do it, so that not thousands of links have to be created manually in case a product feed with thousands of products to advertise is available...)

Thanks and please let me know if you like the idea and how soon you could implement it!

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