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Html5 banners do not display


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Hi guys , 

I was wondering if anyone can help . Scenario  

I was running and old version of Revive  and I have upgraded recently due to security concerns and the implement the ability to display html5 zip banners. 
The upgrade went perfectly and smooth , all the old functionality is working , all campaigns , zones , old banner display fine . New banner, new campaigns all ok .  
To mention durring the upgrade , I have followed instructions to permission to 777 


But when uploading html5 banners they do not display , just an error frame .A 404 page not found instead of the banner. 

I have tested with 2 banners :
- I have a banner created professionally that displays fine locally . 
- I have created a test banner in GoogleWeb Designer  that displays just fine offline , however when uploading the html5.zip  ... The attached image is displayed , the banner does not display correctly. 


After uploading the banner zip package on the server, I have searched for any of the zip , or .css , or .js files and none are to be found . ( while image banners are uploaded correctly  into the /www/images/ folder. ) 

I am very tempted to say that some file/folder permisioning is not right- or a path not defined properly - as the 404 style error shows that some files are not found when displaying the content of the html5.zip , however I have not managed to find any documentation in this matter.   

I am hosting my own revive app , on CentosLinux , for ReviveAdserver 5.05   I am using php 7.3 ( although I have tried all 7. versions ) 

Any ideas ?  

Many thanks . 

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