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Issue with some Geo-Targeted ads not showing impressions.


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Hey Everyone.

I am a manager who has just returned to working in web marketing after a 6 year hiatus. I was a former OpenX user and have installed Revive on our server with the purpose of running ad campaigns, as well as tracking internal links on our site.

I am having an issue with a geo targeted campaign, whose banners I am running across 5 ad non-exclusive zones. When I check my stats, about 2/3 of the banners that I have assigned do not show any impressions. I cannot find any inconsistencies between how I have set these up, and I cant seem to figure out why. I am wondering if there are any tricks / tips / limitations that are specific to geo campaigns that I might be missing in my setup.

Some of the zones that the geo links are assigned to are shared with other advertisers. The other banners are a mix of linked images and iframe. This is a bit of a mix across the shared zones. Wondering if this could be the culprit, or if there is something up with which level of the Revive logic where I have assigned the materials to the zones?


My setup logic is as follows:

Advertisers - Our ad partners

Campaigns - The properties that advertisements point to. There are multiple campaigns assigned to each advertiser.

Banners - Multiple banners (mix of iframe and linked images) within each campaign.


Each campaign is running as remnant / tenancy with no date limits or caps.

Campaigns are not linked to zones

Each banner shows in the banner properties page and is loading and sizes are assigned correctly (they're all 250 x 300 cubes)

Each banner is linked to the zone it should go to

Banners are linked individually to their respective zones, regardless of which campaign they originate from (multiple banners, from multiple campaigns to multiple zones)

One campaign has only geo targeted banners, with no other limits assigned, which are linked to each zone.


Symptom: Some of the geo banners are showing impressions, and some are not.


Any advice would be appreciated.


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