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Banners do not work the following day?


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Hi, I have bought the hosted plan but I'm encountering a strange issue.

I have gone through the documentation. And I had successfully created advertisers and banners. To test it I created a simple html file that used asynch js, and also another on one that just use simple html with an image tag that pulled from "http://servedby.revive-adserver.net/avw.php?zoneid=6942&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&n=ae58fdb4". They both worked fine.

Then a couple of days later it didn't work anymore! I thought perhaps I had added some expiration date to the campaign but there was no expiry date set.

So I started from scratch and same problem happened. It worked the first time. Next day it didn't work.

What could be causing this issue? I think I'm missing something obvious.

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