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Revive Adserver Plugin store open for business!

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Revive Adserver Plugin store open for business!


Introducing the Revive Adserver Plugin store, offering third party plugins to extend and enhance the functionality of your ad server system.

In more detail

The Revive Adserver software can be extended and enhanced by adding plugins. This enables developers to build additional functionality or to extend existing functionality.

As a matter of fact, a large part of the core functionality of the Revive Adserver software is provided in the form of plugins. These plugins are automatically installed when the Revive Adserver software is installed. The beauty about all plugins – assuming they’ve been coded correctly – is that they will automatically be taken along during software updates of the Revive Adserver software itself. The update wizard will simply go over the entire list of installed plugins and put them into the updated version. Plugins can also be updated individually, when the developer releases a new version of their product, without having to do a full update of the core software.

Even though the plugin model has been a part of the Revive Adserver software for more than a decade, we noticed that this is not as well known as we would like it to be. We want to encourage users of our software to consider adding plugins that might make it even more useful. And we also want to encourage developers to consider building new plugins. In addition, we want it to be more convenient for users to discover high quality plugins and to safely purchase them.

That’s why we’re launching the Revive Adserver Plugin store right here on the website. It is open for business already, and we’ve listed the first few products as well. More will be added in the very near future.

For potential buyers of these plugins, it should act as a place where they can find and purchase products that have been vetted by the Revive Adserver team. For developers, this should act as a central hub that’s easy to find for buyers, potentially giving them a much larger audience then trying to build a presence on their own.

Initially, we will proactively reach out to developers we know and trust, asking them if they’re interested in having their products listed in the new Plugin store. Later, we will create a way for other developers to submit their products to us for consideration. At that time we will also publish the requirements that each new product will have to fulfil, and the details and costs of the verification process that will be put into place.

Let's go shopping!

Please take a minute to have a look at the plugins already available in the Revive Adserver Plugin store!

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