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Not showing ads, tried everything


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- i've read the troubleshooting guide
- tried all types of invocation codes
- tried image, url and text banners
- made sure there are no restrictions, everything is active, banners have 100% probability
- banners are displayed correctly in admin
- tried in 4 different browsers on 2 different computers, adblock is off

Using 4.0.0. version, all requirements met.
- installed it on 2 different servers (php 5.6, php 7.0)
- php display_errors on
- found nothing in logs

The *only* thing I managed to display is if set 'Global default Banner Image URL', then that image is displayed.

No ideas left, please help :-|



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Found a bug...

Revive Adserver 44.0.0 fresh install only + mysqli + socket = ads are not displayed

OX-delivery-5856c9279cc3d: DB connection error:

Setting socket= as undefined solved the situation.
When ugpraded to 4.0.0. from 3.2.5 works fine however even with socket defined.

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Corrected product name spelling
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