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How To Extend Delivery Plugin ?


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Hi there,


I have a topic regarding delivery plugin. Maybe some of you already had this issue and can give some



Delivery plugin limitation works with 3 events: impressions, clicks and conversions.


What will be the correct approch in order to support at least one of the next scenarios:

1. Add custom events (specific for each business) to control how the campaign is delivered (of course on top of impression, click or conversion event).

2. Combine 2 different events to set campaign limitation, ex:  clicks+custom event, impression+custom event

3. Change the delivery plugin behaviour when it has 2 limits:

   - the actual approach is like this: the campaign will stop when the first limit is reached

   - what it wil be interested is to stop the campaign when both limits are reached; of course this means that one the limits will be over-delivered


Thx in advance for your support.




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Yes  this is a part of the issue:

- On your example we have 2 limits: 500 impressions and 100 clicks. When the first limit is reached the campaign is stopped. In this case when 100 clicks are reached, we have only 300 impressions. But from different reasons I have to deliver the other 200 impressions too. I can do this manual but I'm looking for an autopilot solution.


- The next thing is to add custom events, like engagements for example (an engagement is specific event for each bussiness). Let say I have a video ad and a button inside the player called "Get your bonus!" . When the user will click this button we have an engagement.


- how I can add custom events

- how I can combine impressions with custom events


I hope is more clear now.



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