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Some Upgrade Problems And Some Solutions


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I just completed (I think) an upgrade from OpenX 2.6.5 to Rev Ad 3.0.2 and hit a couple snags that others might run into as well as a final error message that "recompiling ACL's timed out".  The problems I got around that might help some others were:


  • naming of the config file to include "www." instead of just  the basic domain name, i.e. www.example.com.conf.php instead of example.com.conf.php.  Without doing that, the wizard didn't find the config, so was trying to do an install rather than an upgrade.  Apparently OpenX 2.6.5 didn't care as the config file did NOT have the www. in front.  I see someone else also hit that  http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/190-revive-upgrade-showing-install-screen/?hl=upgrade
  • After that in checking requirements, the upgrade couldn't open the DB.  The problem there turned out that the password had special characters in it, so when I enclosed that in quotes and reuploaded it, all went fine.

After that the upgrade appeared to go OK tho I was bothered by the time-out message at the end, but everything seems to be working fine.  And the install log shows that part went fine and I didn't find that error message in it: 


"attempting to include file /.../public_html/revive-adserver-3.0.2/etc/changes/tasks/openads_upgrade_task_Recompile_Acls.php
Recompiling Acls
Starting Acls Recompilation
Acls Recompilation: Complete"


Spot checking the installation (I already switched over) doesn't show any problems, but I'm wondering if something's likely to bite me later, or if there's anything I need to do.



ps -- Previously I was in somewhat of a panic since when I Google'd Revive Adserver there are a bunch of virus postings with that name that come up, so initially I was scared off of Revive Adserver.  I suspect these were from the old security hole that also was in OpenX.  Anyhow I was very glad to see there's a viable OpenSource follow-up to OpenX -- thanks, all!

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