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Cannot Redeclare Plugin_Bannertypetext_Delivery_Adrender()


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Hi guys,


I get very strange error (without changing anything),




php-fpm: PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare Plugin_BannerTypeText_delivery_adRender() (previously declared in /data/www/ads/1/lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeText/bannerTypeTextDelivery.php:36) in /data/www/ads/lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeText/bannerTypeTextDelivery.php on line 36



sourcecode: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/blob/master/lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeText/bannerTypeTextDelivery.php


I fixed it that I add IF condition "if (!function_exists('Plugin_BannerTypeText_delivery_adRender')) {"


My set up quite different from others:

- I am using just text banners

- I am using local delivery:

$adArray = view_local('', $zoneid, 0, 0, '', '', '0', $OA_context, '');       


- server setup + opcache settings:

General info Zend OPcache 7.0.6-dev PHP 5.6.11 Host web4.xxx Server Software Lighttpd 1.4.x Start time 2015-07-30 12:49:32 Last reset 2015-07-30 13:03:32 Directives blacklist filename /data/www/opcache.blacklist.txt consistency checks no value dups fix false enable true enable cli false enable file override false error log no value fast shutdown true force restart timeout 180 inherited hack true interned strings buffer 4 load comments true log verbosity level 1 max accelerated files 1000 max file size no value max wasted percentage 0.05 memory consumption 33554432 optimization level 4294967295 preferred memory model no value protect memory false revalidate freq no value revalidate path false save comments true use cwd true validate timestamps false


For me it is really strange, I don't know how is /data/www/ads/lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeText/bannerTypeTextDelivery.php included, it is used "require(include)_once" ? Or it is connected with my server setup ? I tried restart php/clear opcache...nothing helps, I just had to put there "if" and now it is working...


I saw in past post, it can be connected with APC or other php optimizer...

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