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Grabbing Data From The Old Database

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Hello guys


I got many problems because of upgrading from openx to adserver. 


Every upgrade I have to work things through.


So I decided to do a clean install.


Is there any way to grab advertisers, campaigns, banners, websites and zones from the old database?


Thanks! Please help!!!!

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According to the -> upgrade docs. <- you may be able to use the database tools to assist you. I havn't had the pleasure of migrating wildly different Adserver database versions, and it probably won't be a single command, but it's worth looking into.

1. Copying the database
As explained in detail above, the upgrade process involves making a copy of your production database into a newly created database and then to run the upgrade on this new database.
If you’re not comfortable with command line statements, you might be able to use a tool like phpMyAdmin to copy all of your tables from the existing database ‘revive_adserver_abc’ into the new database ‘revive_adserver_xyz’.
However, it is often faster to use a few command line statements to export the data from the existing database and then to import it into the new database. If you don’t know how, ask a colleague, team member, or outside expert for help.
Here is a template for the command line statements.
To export data from the existing database into a text file:Quotemysqldump -uUSER -pPASSWORD OLDDATABASE –skip-lock-tables > FILE.sqlTo import data from this text file into the new database:Quotemysql -uUSER -pPASSWORD NEWDATABASE < FILE.sqlYou’ll have to replace the USER, PASSWORD, OLDDATABASE and NEWDATABASE placeholders with the actual names and values.
Whatever way of copying the data you use, always make sure that you’ve got a copy of all the tables of your existing database. You can do this by comparing the list of tables of both databases.
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