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Strange Error After Migration To A New Server

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I recently moved our Revive server from an older, less powerful system to a new one with SSD storage, more RAM, etc. I also switched from Apache to Nginx. I thought I had everything configured properly and can serve plain HTML files, and also serve test PHP files like PhpInfo. However, after moving the Revive files and database over and changing the configs to reflect new database credentials, etc., I cannot get a single page in Revive to load. No matter what page I try to hit, I get an error in the Nginx log like the following:


FastCGI sent in stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::quoteIdentifier() in /var/www/html/revive/lib/OA/Upgrade/VersionController.php on line 36 while reading response header from upstream


At first, I thought I must have missed a library or required module, but in reading some posts, the MDB2 error may be related to database connectivity issues. Does anyone have any insight into this error?


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