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Email Banner Link Not Redirected When Multiple Banner


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Hello, I'm trying tu setup a campaign in a newsletter with multiple banner (all inside the same campaign).

It's displayed correctly following the weight of each banner, but the link isn't redirected to the destination url when clicked. It just leads to the php script with a blank page (www.mydomain.com/delivery/ck.php?zoneid=9).

The zone is correctly set as a an Email/newsletter zone, and everything seems working when there's only one banner activated linked to it.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem is ?


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Hi there, 


I was facing the same problem. I found out why this is happening by a google search. It seems that emailbannerzones do not have the same properties as other zones.

You can use only one banner on a single email  banner zone.


There seems to be a workaround but i doubt that it's effective. maybe i'll find a solution.

I use it because it's url is so simple but i do need it to change every once in a while.




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