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Plain Text Appearance

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I currently have a server running Revive adserver. I will change to another hosting company and in the new machine the Revive adserver web appears b&w  plain text. I can log in and see advertiser, campaigns, etc. If I try a new installation, the look and feel is the same ugly look, even if the installation is successful. (There is no warning or errors during the installation)


I guess it is not up to the database (the problem appears from the first screen of the installation) . It doesn't look like a permission issue, as the installation runs smoothly.


First the PHP version of both machines was different, but now it is the same (PHP 5.2.13 fastcgi). I have tried with PHP 5.4.33 and no luck. The most significant difference is that the working one has IIS6, the ugly looking has IIS7. Both machines are running other php sites perfectly fine and looking pretty.


If anybody has any idea to try I would be most thankful.


Best regards,



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