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I Bet This Has Been Asked Before


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I bet this has been asked before. I didn't find an answer though.


I created six advertisers, each with one campaign. All campaign types are "contract", with "start immediately", and "Don't expire". I set the pricing to CPM, didn't set a price, and set impressions to unlimited.


Priority in relation to other campaigns are set to 2 and 2,000,000 impressions per day for each campaign.


The exceptions: One advertiser/campaign has 4 banners, and one is set to priority 1.


I have 9 zones. In some zones I have only one advertiser/campaign. Probability is 5% and I didn't see a banner shown. This should be 100%, as there are no other campaigns.


In zones where there are more than one campaign, the total probability is 5%.


If I set one campaign (my Google AdSense campaign) to "remnant" instead of "contract", it gets 95% where there are other campaigns, and 100% where it's the only one.


How do I fix this, as this is obviously wrong.





EDIT: I do have one campaign (text banners) that I would like to have a 20% probability of being shown, otherwise it should just be empty. Is that possible?


EDIT2: Still searching. Can't find a clear answer. The indication seems to be that I need to put the banner system in production and let it start serving banners, so that it can figure out the proper probability. That seems illogical to me though.


EDIT3: No matter what I do, I can't really get it to work. I set all my campain types to "remnant", and that makes it sort of work. But that won't hold in the long run. Am I better off trying to get DoubleClick for Publishers to work?

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